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01-22-2003, 11:46 AM
All right, Iím going to be pessimistic, but I need to get this out. I donít know if other Arts majors are going through what Iím going through, but hereís my story:

I graduated almost 6 years ago with a Bachelor of Arts degree. My major was Theatre (with an emphasis in Management/Publicity) and my minor was Public Relations. Since graduation, I have been floundering in a series of go-nowhere jobs, mostly clerical. Some of these were temporary through agencies, a couple of them I got downsized from, and two of them I was fired from. Once was because I wasnít a good enough receptionist, and the other was because I was severely depressed, both personally and professionally. Iíve tried to do Theatre as a volunteer on the side, and I have been able to do quite a few shows (of course, they canít fire me Ė Iím a volunteer).

Iíve been on a downward spiral emotionally for the last six years, and came close to a complete breakdown last summer. I canít find a job that makes me happy or that has any kind of creative work to it. I get bored quickly at the clerical jobs I do, but I canít find a job in Public Relations due to my lack of experience. I feel completely lost with no future except to just keep going from one dead-end job to the next. And I canít even get a half-decent job now with my work history.

I feel like the biggest mistake of my life was becoming a Theatre major. I wanted to write, but I thought I could get a job doing promotional work for theatres. I should have stayed a Journalism major like I started out. I know others on this site have said ďfollow your dreams, the future will take care of itself.Ē But, unless you are super-talented, I think you should stay away from becoming an Arts major and go with something more stable like Business, Marketing, or Education.

Maybe Iím wrong. If there are any former Arts majors who have found success in the Arts, I would love to hear about it. Any advice would be appreciated as well. Iím growing more hopelesss every day, and I just feel like I have no options anymore.

Thanks for letting me vent.

01-22-2003, 01:04 PM
Can i just say "hang in there". I understand where your coming from(although im not a fellow arts major). I look back at undergrad and wish i had studied something different sometimes. But then there are times when im happy i studied the subject i did b/c i was truly interested in it. And its sounds like your heart is in what you studied as well.

Plus you have a step up on a lot of people...you know the type of work you want to do(and trust me thats no small detail). You said you wanted to do PR for a theatre company. Now its just a matter of making the often baby steps toward that goal. And youve already done that in some ways by volunteering. Have you considered putting yourself out there as a PR intern? Even if it isnt in anyway related to the theatre world, any practical PR experience would probably help. Approach it as if you were looking for a paid job but offer your services part-time for free for a few months. Ive read that this strategy often works. What employers wouldnt take someone up on a that kind of offer? As long as you make it clear what your intentions are as far as what you want to get out of it. And if you dont have any luck with corporate employers try looking in the non-profit sector who are often more flexible and in need of help. Anything to get the experience you need to become marketable in the PR world.

Above all just keep your chin up. Like i said i often feel like you do, like there is nothing out there for me. But when your feeling like this remember there is so much more to living than work. Invest time in things that make you happy outside the working world. Work to live and not the other way around....despite what most people think. Its easier said than done i know. (i need to take my own advice sometimes...lol) But once you get past always focusing on what makes you feel unfulfilled and start remembering or discovering the things that make you feel satisfied than you'll be able to change other areas of your life with more success! Good luck!