View Full Version : Job Fulfilment and disillusionment

06-24-2006, 11:26 AM
So, about a month ago... i began my first real job... ever... although i am a 3rd year med student, 3rd year, unlike the years prior, is like actual work. Right now, i'm doing my Ob/Gyn rotation. We have to report every day at 6:45, so I wake up at 5:15 to get ready and make the 1/2 hour commute to the hospital.

I guess i'm a spoiled brat... I thought med school was kinda hard, but at least if i didn't feel like going to the first lecture at 8:00 AM, i could just sleep in (i took this option most of the time), and leave whenever i wanted to. Now, i have to be there.. day after day, until at least 4PM, and on call all night about once a week. By the time i get home, after a brief interlude at Barnes and Noble or the library to await the end of rush hour, its 7PM... and i'm too apathetic to do anything... plus i gotta go to bed at like 10 so i can begin the whole drill over again. Where is the glamor and excitement here as a 25 year old on his way to a prestigious career... and what the heck happened to all my free time? when can i play metal gear solid III on my playstation, or watch the world cup?

So, as many people might think... delivering babies all day (or operating, or seeing patients) should be a blast, right? Bringing life into the world should provide fulfilment... well, after the first 50, i stopped feeling that way. Its a job like anything else... its really nice to see how happy and appreciative the parents are, but for me, its just... whatever. maybe its just the field i'm rotating in, or perhaps the repetetive nature of the job, or some of the cynical doctors and nurses that i work with... I mean... Ob/gyn has its moments and its perks, but mostly its just highly skilled grunt work. Fortunately, i start rotating in a new field in 2 weeks.

All of you working full time... do you feel like your job means something... do you get some feeling of inner satisfaction that you accomplished something that day? or do you just go so that you'll get your paycheck so that you can pay your rent and cell phone bill?

Perhaps i'm holding on to some fairy tale idea that there are jobs out there that people can't wait to go to, or perhaps jobs with salaries so high that people suck it up and pretend to like them. I am guessing the reality is that most of the working world is one of dull, repetetive, and unfulfilling banality that people subject themselves to only for financial stability. ideas?