View Full Version : Would you find this rude?

01-03-2007, 12:28 PM
Someone from another dept. asked me why I ordered a particular document. I explained to him that I ordered it because it didn’t appear to ever have been ordered. He replies with yes it was ordered back in 2003 and the document you pasted in your report says it was. The document I put in my report is over three years old and I didn’t do it. It doesn’t clearly say what was ordered just says a document was ordered. The last two recent reports did not include this information and normally to the best of my knowledge reports are supposed to include old information as well. I even asked my boss if it was office procedure not to include something because it was done for the same client and they already know all that information and she said it should be included. To the best of my knowledge, they make sure to include the old information so as to save costs. However, this someone said ‘It was not mentioned there b/c it was for the same client. As office procedure, when we update subjects/companies for same client, we do not include all the old info we have accumulated over time.’ He goes on to say that I should’ve been aware of this because the case it was ordered for I had pasted in my new report.

Would you find this rude? It didn’t come off too polite to me. I have always been under the assumption that old information gets carried onto the new reports so as to save money and time. This ‘office procedure’ is news to me. I guess I am finding this a bit rude because this office is so laid back and no one ever quotes ‘office procedures’ or throws that word around loosely.

My boss sort of knows about the situation. I admitted to ordering a document that was previously ordered but I don't think she understood me. Will I get in trouble for this?