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06-19-2009, 02:50 PM
Ok, so my coworkers are annoying the hell out of me and I don't know how to deal.

I work in a SMALL office in a large hospital. I am the medical secretary, there is a nurse and a regular secretary. Both of the ladies are older than me and treat me like I am a child or maybe even dumb ( I am 25). I have spoken to them both about it on separate occasions, but they never change. For example..they tell me what to do, how to do my job, always commenting on what I am doing...it is so aggravating. I tell them, I know what I am doing, I don't have to do things your way, etc. I have no responsibility, wiggle room nor breathing space.

I hate the job anyways, but honestly when they are off, it is more manageable, still not what I want to do though. I am looking to go to grad school in Fall 2010 for MSW and I have been applying for jobs left and right, inside and outside the hospital. I'm just not sure if I can work with these women anymore. I want to get out before next fall..like next week!

I know I am smart, I just don't understand why they act the way they do always questioning me. none of them are my supervisors. I am just so frustrated I can scream. one of them is a definite micromanager and the other woman was in my position before she got her promotion

Has anyone been in a situation like this or know someone who has? I know that no job is perfect, but I also know that we have the right to choose where we want to be from 9-5 and I want a job with more responsibility, freedom. I have 4 yrs of admin experience...

that's the end of the rant

06-19-2009, 04:42 PM
If you haven't already, I would really, really focus on finding an entry-level position in the human services field. Often you have a lot more room for flexibility. Plus, in today's economy, and with the field of human services becoming flooded in certain areas, the more experience you have WORK-WISE in this field, the better. I forget where you said you lived. If it's NYC, I have a ton of contacts at agencies I can give you.

06-23-2009, 12:34 PM
Hey, I live in NY! I've been applying for jobs left and right. No one has bitten yet, but I remain positive. Please message me ANYTHING that you think will help. I need to get the hell out of here!