View Full Version : I've been holding a grudge for 6 months!

03-21-2004, 06:36 PM
And it's eating me alive so maybe I just need to vent and maybe you guys can give me some perspective so I can move on.

Okay...I decided I wanted to go to New York to pursue acting. I needed a place to stay so my friend offered her spare room. I went, and at first everything was cool and then all of a sudden she got really nasty and extremely arrogant, like "I'm in the buisness and your not" kind of attitude. And the funny thing is, she's barely even in the buisness. She hasn't worked in years and the biggest thing she did was some European tour 10 years ago and she's in her late 40's and not really talented and I sensed some jealousy. I'm 23, just starting out have my whole life ahead of me.
But, she just really treated me like crap and everytime I said anything about acting or asked a question or expressed an opinon she got really smart and snapped at me.
So I had to come home and it kind of threw all of my plans out of wack and it just really pisses me off. I wish I could just go back in time and tell her off cuz she was DEAD WRONG TREATING ME LIKE THAT!!!
What should I do to get over this?

03-21-2004, 09:19 PM
Don't let the way she acted hold your dream back. Try not to get revenge for what she did to you but feel pity and sympathy for her that she had to get that jealous and mean to you because her career didn't blossom like yours will. You shouldn't have let her stop you from moving. There are tons of people, especially at the age of 23, looking for roomates and such. I think you should look back into it and move back and make the most of your life. If not, you might look back on it and regret. You may even try moving to Chicago or LA if you are trying to pursue acting. Best of luck and follow your dreams!
To get that feeling off your chest, maybe send her a letter or an email or give her a quick phone call and politely let her know how you feel. Maybe if she realizes how bad she acted towards you, she might have a change of heart about things.