View Full Version : Sneakiest way that you quit your job?

03-05-2005, 07:18 PM
I think mine is way up there, but I just want to see for myself how others have done it which approach the sneaky level.

It was approaching Valentine's Day and I had blurbed about possibly being moved to NYC to attend some classes there. I was also dissatisfied with the way things were going at the restaurant, especially after being given the run-around by several higher-ups. I was looking for an excuse to quit, when I found a convenient one.

Even tho it was unwritten, no one had Valentine's Day off from work. That gave me the excuse needed to sever my ties with them. In fact, I waited until 45 minutes prior to the beginning of my Valentine's Evening shift to drop the bombshell, and I had to run fast out of the restaurant, imitating that I forgot something, even tho in reality I was not coming back.

I easily masked it as a recall to NYC until I dropped part 2 of the plan, revealing my real reasons for quitting to the HR people at HQ a week after my sudden departure...what happened after that is only by guessing, but I probably sparked several team meetings, especially those in my department, which especially most likely bore the brunt of my sudden departure. I also likely caused at least three co-workers to be fired because of it.

It turned out that at least one other person had to call in sick that evening too, as I found out...and he was disciplined for it!

But at least I got my satisfaction of screwing the restaurant over on one of what would have been a big night for them.