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    Making mistakes at work

    We've all done it. It's part of life right? We learn from our mistakes, they make us who we are. I feel like once I start making stupid, little mistakes, it's hard to stop...it's like a domino effect or something. The head of the Development department here is really big on attention to detail, that is an area I am working on. I sent out a letter to a family and the address was cut off on one side, and it came back to us. I usually intercept the mail before it goes out to everyone, but some how this one got by me. She just wrote a note on it that said the address was not entirely visible, nothing else. Sometimes she will write 'see me' if it's something she thinks needs to be addressed. I just feel bad because the work I do is a reflection on me and that letter I sent out, which really was not a huge deal, could have looked better had I taken the time to do it right. I think I feel worse that she isn't upset with me. Maybe I am my own worst enemy. Anyone else make silly little mistakes, or even big ones for that matter?

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    I have made mistakes at my job, and I will continue to make mistakes! Life will go on.

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    I used to work at a bank.I tried giving the best advice possible.I really meant well.But there were some days that I felt like I made some big mistakes.I felt even worse about it because I was dealing with people's accounts and their money.Mistakes are going to happen but it's how you chose to deal with them.As long as you learn something from each one,then it's ok.Not to minimize your situation,but an envelope being addressed incorrectly is not a big mistake.That could happen to anyone.And it's easily corrected.At least it didn't concern someone's money.Just put it in perspective.I'm still learning how to do that.Just apologize and learn from it.

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    The less I care about a place, the more mistakes I make. I make lots of mistakes here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dreams82
    We've all done it. It's part of life right? We learn from our mistakes, they make us who we are. I feel like once I start making stupid, little mistakes, it's hard to stop...it's like a domino effect or something.
    I definitely have bad days where I will just make little mistake after mistake. I try to shrug it off and go to bed early.
    "Spare me your space-age technobabble, Attila the Hun!"

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    Just don't make the same mistake more than once. No one is perfect, but that's not an excuse to not learn. I had a boss who would say that he didn't care if you messed up, just mess up in a different way each time--that way you'd at least be trying something new instead of what you already know doesn't work.
    Hundreds of years from now, it will not matter what my bank account was,
    the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove...
    But the world may be different because I did something
    so bafflingly crazy that my ruins become a tourist attraction.

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    I work at a newspaper. Everyone makes mistakes. Every day. 'Tis life.
    "Even when I've f*&%ed up, I've spun it into a learning experience that's brought me to bigger and better things."

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    Everyone makes mistakes. Don't worry too much about it. I think most people realize that and, as long as you try to learn from them, it should be okay.

    At my old job though, there was this one guy who kept pointing out my stupid, small mistakes. He was an ass about it too and it seemed like he only did it to me. And this was even when I first started the job. Of course, I knew from day one that I hated that place, so maybe that didn't help me focus on not making mistakes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wordsmith
    Everyone makes mistakes. Every day.
    If people wanted perfection, they'd hire robots, and that would be fine till they break down. Or, if you have 'super'directors or what not, then why don't they do the work if they're so damn perfect...they can do it themselves!!!
    "When I wake up in the morning, I have a choice to make. I can either be an example or an excuse." -Unknown

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    I know, making mistakes at work sucks. But here check this out. Wouldn't it be awesome if we all did this at work? I mean, how great would it be to just let it all out...

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    i dont give a shit - if they fire me for stupid mistakes then it's for the better

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    Seriously, if people were fired over mistakes here, we wouldn't have a workforce.
    "Even when I've f*&%ed up, I've spun it into a learning experience that's brought me to bigger and better things."

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    At my last job, I screwed up a fact by haphazard editing. A minor fact but a fact nonetheless and that reflected poorly on the writer, who wasn’t happy and neither was the editor. The editor expected such stuff to happen in the first few weeks and, over time, I gained the writer’s trust. I took it pretty hard though.

    I made a similar mistake at this job. The writer told my boss to carefully go over any changes I made to his stuff and my boss said we’d go over it and this wouldn’t mandate what I did and didn’t edit in the future.

    It happens. As long as the mistakes don’t repeat, you’ll be okay.
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    "It was as though day-to-day twentieth century living had become an unsolvable algebraic equation." - Douglas Coupland

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    The job I just changed from was in event planning and it was basically all of the mistakes I made and my lowered self-esteem that snowballed into me needing to get the hell out of there. I made dumb mistakes all of the time! Actually, the very first event I played a major part in I made some big mistakes and was so hard on myself. I kept thinking everyone thought I was an idiot. Well, it just made things worse because I got really depressed and nearly lost my mind. Now i work in finance at a job that kinda sucks, but at least I have my peace of mind (in a way). Point is to not let your past undermine your potential.

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    I once worked with a guy who made me feel so bad every time I did something wrong. The irony is that, I seemed to mess up only when I was around him! At that time, we worked together in a restaurant; I was a hostess and he was a waiter. He was my "petty tyrant," as Carlos Casteneda would say. Meaning, every time he made me feel upset or bad about something, I realized that I was supposed to be learning something valuable from him!

    He was very condescending and mean...I realized that he must have gone through such pain in his life in order to act like that! Yet, that doesn't give him the right to put people down...What I learned was that I needed to accept him for who he was, and not try to change him. I needed to focus even more on my own strengths, and cultivate more love and respect for myself.

    As the saying goes, we learn from our mistakes--even the little ones! Every time we make a mistake, the best thing to do is to acknowledge it and move on. And try to find the symbolic nature of it, if you so desire. I believe that there is a purpose for everything...a gem of knowledge and understanding in every circumstance--even in the little things!

    With love and joy,

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