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    Grad School FAILURE...

    I LOVE this site, love the books, and find a lot of comfort knowing that the QLC-related issues I'm going through are much more common than I ever thought...HOWEVER, I have yet to come across anything on this site (and it's not even mentioned in the books, which is really disheartening) that discusses the main issue of my QLC: I failed out of grad school.

    This happened for MANY reasons, the main one being that my grades were all over the place (and this is after going through high school and college with As and Bs on EVERYTHING), and as most people know, grad schools have a pretty high grade minimum required to stay in their programs). So basically, I had too low a GPA for 2 semesters in a row, and I was dismissed. I failed grad school (Masters program, counseling psychology) and I'm STILL having a hard time getting past it, especially now that I'm living at home again (ugggg) and trying to find a FT job (with ZERO work experience).

    Honestly, I'm at the point where I feel like either people are too embarrased to admit that something like this happened to them, or I really am the only one who has ever failed out of grad school. Is there anyone out there who can relate to this? I can't be the only one, right?


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    I've known a number of people who were forced to withdraw from their undergrad college due to low GPA.
    "Even when I've f*&%ed up, I've spun it into a learning experience that's brought me to bigger and better things."

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    Believe me, you're not the only one. I was dismissed from graduate school this past August because my GPA was below a 3.0 for two consecutive quarters. It stung for a couple months afterward but I knew it was coming. I should have withdrawn on my own because I knew I didn't like the material and I even had a mild panic attack over a final assignment. I haven't told anyone about me failing, I've only said that I've "decided not to continue". I kind of feel bad about lying but everyone was so proud of me getting into graduate school that I couldn't tell them that I failed. Oh well, now I'm living at home working full time for $11/hour and looking for a "real" job. The important thing is that I've finally accepted my failure and I'm not going to overcompensate in other parts of my life.

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    Are there any specific areas you struggled with in grad school that you think led to your poor grades? I got my MSW and I know there were lots of students that struggled with either the stat's courses or writing in general.

    The teachers seemed pretty helpful with students who were struggling. I also know that we were allowed to utilize the writing center if need be.

    I also know some people who had to drop out because it was just too intensive having to work in many cases, have a family and also focus on grad school.

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    You'll live. The benefit of failing grad school (as opposed to undergrad or high school) is that you can brush the whole thing under the rug and try again. One of the few opportunities in life where you actually get a "real" second chance.

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