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    May 2008

    Are you supposed to tip the cable guy?

    The cable guy came to my house today to install internet phone and cable internet. After I signed the work order, I felt a strange pause on his part as though I was expecting to tip him, which I did not. Is tipping the cable-guy standard practice?

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    Dec 2008
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    yeah right
    cupkake missing icing!

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    I never have. Especially because they've never arrived on time and I consider occasional maitenance part of the ridiculous cost we pay already.

    The only people I tip who come to my home are when I have something delivered, like furniture or food.

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    Jul 2002
    Nope, no tip for "service" like that. I think that's included in the fee, like Winney said.

    Actually, now that I think about it...my aunt works for Cox and they do not allow tipping.
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    Only if he can hook you up with free porno channels.
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    I work for a cable company. You definitely shouldn't tip the cable guy. I guess unless he goes out of his way to help do something that isn't his job (like hooking up all your DVD players/video games/etc).

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    Never heard of tipping the cable guy. Cable is friggin expensive as all hell anyway. I try to be friendly and make chit chat and all that, but tipping? No. Tipping is for sit down food, bars, big car wash places and valet parking.

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    The title of this thread sounds like it would make a really bad porno

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