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    Okay here's my story, I graduated from a University in Ohio in 1999 with a Degree in Special Ed. but I didn't get a teaching certificate because my student teaching experience was pretty bad (plus my living arrangements at the time were a bit difficult).
    Anyway for the past 2 years I've tutored at a local middle school through the national service program, AmeriCorps, from which I got paid only about $8,000 a year. (Most of it went to taxes though.)
    Now though my AmeriCorps service term is nearly complete, so I'll be out of a job very soon. I've been trying to apply for various types of jobs, but with no response. I do have some skill with comuters since during a majority of my years in college online, using the free internet access the university provided, making free webpages about my favorite British music groups, etc. (Actually doing that instead of studying so much the subject matter that I got my degree in, and I still got a B in most of my upper division coursework. Go figure!)
    I wish that I could get a job dealing with various aspects of the web or media, or even work in journalism (like even megastar.co.uk) online, but I don't know if I'd be qualified to do that, even if I have a degree in Education.
    I don't think the school will hire me as a regular school tutor or assistant because they liked only having to pay for half of my $288.28 bi-weekly checks through AmeriCorps, plus they treated me more like a behavior coach (someone who keeps "bad kids" in check in the regular ed classroom) for more of the year instead of a tutor.
    Then there is the issue of my friend "Rob." He's from the UK and we've been communicating for over a year. He's only 27 and said that he graduated from University in 1998, but has only had a part-time job in the fall of 1998. He tells me that he's been interviewed for numerous administrative assistant positions in his country, but has been turned down each time, because of a slight disability he has. He's frustrated, just like me, that finding careers can be difficult no matter where you live.

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    Have you thought of going back to school or maybe taking some classes for certifications in computers and put that on your resume?? It is difficult to find a decent job despite what everyone is saying about how great the economy is. Whatever!! I think it's much easier to find another job when you are already in a job b/c you don't feel so desperate to accept just anything that is offered to you. OH, depending on where you're from, you may be able to teach while working on your teacher's certification. Once you've got your foot in the door and meet the right people, you can market your skills and be linked up with the right people or at least be in a better position to negotiate/create a position tailored for you. Good luck.

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