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    I am alittle ashamed to say this.....

    In two semesters I will graduate. I had a very tough time in college and will have a degree I don't really want with little/no job skills. Basically, I have started planning my return to college in two years.

    I am wondering if I should even complete my first bachelors degree. A few months ago I hyperventilated when I realized a 2nd Bachelors degree is not eligible for grants- only loans and work study. This was depressing and feel like a brick hit my head- more suffering for stupid naivety.

    I want to do two years of public service ( like AmeriCorps) and use the educational awards earned to pay off my student loan debt ( which is less than 10K). I would get work experience, learn to take care of myself and build my resume. I would have some time to research , ask questions and maybe save alittle money. I need to be 100% committed.

    I want to enroll in a community college and then transfer to a four year for engineering ( while doing internships, networking and considering competitive programs so I could finish with a job offer).Since I dropped out of college, I need to prove to myself and any admissions folks that I have what it takes to finish with an engineering degree.

    I have read about students who return to college and get grants even after dropping out a few credits shy. I wonder if this would work for me? I would hate to work more and do better academically only to realize I donít get grants like SMART and ACT because of my past degree.

    Should I even bother with school? Even with a plan to do community college and then transfer to state uni for engineering , how could I afford it without grants?

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    Bear in mind that there's the possibility that your Americorps (or whatever) experience could potentially lead to a post-volunteer career. I did a volunteer year after graduating (not Americorps, however), and ended up with a full-time job with the same agency with whom I did my volunteer year. I wouldn't necessarily count on it, but it does happen.
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    Honestly, at this point I would probably just suck it up and finish your degree.

    I am married to someone who dropped out of college planning to go back and it didn't happen.

    Now that he is in his mid-30's with a family, and has bills to pay, it probably is NOT going to happen.

    He also realizes that if he ever decided to give up his business to get a job working for someone else, despite all of his knowledge and experience, the fact that he does not have a degree in SOMETHING will disqualify him for most positions.

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    Engineering is tough so do an honest assessment of yourself and make sure you have what it takes to graduate. This isn't meant to be a personal criticism; graduation rate was around 50% when I started ~15 years ago.

    Beyond the degree you need goo grades too. My information may be skewed (I work at a very large corporation) but we don't hire recent college graduate candidates with a GPA lower than 3.0.

    I agree with the suggestion of finishing what you are doing now. If you go back to engineering school, you may only need loans for the first two years. After that, you can make enough money interning to pay for school. Even though that will delay graduation somewhat, you'll get a lot of work experience and become a more competitive candidate.
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