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    Would you take this job? Looking for some advice

    What would you do if you were me?

    I'm 28 and I think I'll be offered a job at my dream company. Even though the position wouldn't be my dream position, it would give me a foot in the door at the company that I've been wanting to get into for years.

    Entertainment sales
    $27k base
    $28k commission & bonus (I'll make around $55k this year)
    Paid vacation, sick, and floating holidays
    Awesome perks in sports
    Professional atmosphere
    Longs hours (60+ hrs a week)
    Not a lot of room for growth

    Entertainment sales
    $45k base
    $15k in commission (most first year reps make around $60k - $65k)
    Paid vacation and sick days
    Awesome perks in music
    Casual atmosphere (no suits anymore!!)
    40 - 50 hrs a week
    Not my ideal job, but being in the company that I want to be in could lead to potential opportunities

    What should I do? Should I take it or pass? I'm so comfortable where I'm at now it's hard to leave, but at the same time I know I'm being over worked and won't be moving up anytime soon.


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    Job B sounds good. Based solely on those descriptions, I would go with Job B.

    That being said, few follow-up questions:

    -What are the benefits packages (retirement, pension, 401(k), health) for both?
    -Is the location the same? If not, what is COL difference?
    -Would you personally prefer the sports perks or the music perks (I'd personally go for sports , but depends on what "perks" means)
    -When you say "not your ideal job", how do the actual job tasks differ from what you're doing now? If they're functionally the same, that's another plus in column B.

    Also, the increase in base salary means you'll have a more stable expectation on income. What are the possibilities that those bonus/commissions will grow in future years, or is it going to be stagnant until you get a promotion?

    I got a job offer when I was back in college that was for a sales engineer, and they told me that your first six months would be equivalent to $45k/yr, after which your salary went to $0 and you'd be living on 3% commissions from then on. Most reps should be making around $150k within 5 years, and they said if you weren't, you'd probably quit before they fired you. That scared me a little, and I took the job I have now instead.
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    I'd go with Tel's advice.

    I would also try to get as much in writing as possible regarding your base salary and benefits.

    I also am all for staying at a current job if you know it's stable, have potential to grow/make more money and if you are planning some kind of big change in your life, such as having kids. You also have to weigh in the difficulty of being able to find something easily again if this position does not work out .

    Otherwise, you are young and change sounds good!!

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    Thank you both for the feedback and advice!

    Job B - not sure on the benefit packages. Right now, I have a matching 401k, up to 6%, which is nice and is definitely something to consider.

    Location is the exact same, in Los Angeles.

    I'd prefer music over sports.

    Job B is not my ideal job at all, but it is my ideal company. The actual job consists of selling entertainment packages and event space to clients. My ideal job would be selling sponsorships or marketing bands. Functionally, it's a sales jobs and they are all basically the same. Find clients to sell to, pitch them, close the deal and follow up to make sure they are happy.

    Yes, the increase of salary does help the income and I'll feel pretty comfortable and won't feel "As pressured" to hit my goals.

    Hmm... decisions, decisions...

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    Good luck with whatever you decide!!

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    Do or Do Not

    What's there to think about? Is there something not being stated that makes you hold back? This seems like a complete no-brainer.

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    Get your foot in the door!

    Do you think you would regret it later if you didn't?

    "Happiness is that state of consciousness which proceeds from the achievement of one's values." - Atlas Shrugged

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    Is there a chance for movement within the company?

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