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    Even though I'm a social worker, a lot of my job involves "sales", especially since I work at a for-profit home care agency that makes their money from the services provided to clients.

    When I go and meet with someone who is a potential client, like Gemma mentioned, I find out what their needs/wants are. I then talk to them about how our agency is set apart from other agencies,unique services/supports we offer, and how we can address those overall needs/wants.

    I also personally don't like to pump people's minds full of BS about what we can do for them, when I know it's totally unrealistic, so I like to tell them that I want to be 100% honest from the beginning about what I/our agency can and cannot do for them, as well as some of the negativities we frequently run into.

    I work with a few people who either lie or fluff reality, and it always comes back to bite them in the ass and then the client is furious.

    I have lost cases though for being honest, but in the end, I think it's for the best, because they would have probably been super problematic for us anyways since they are looking for help with something that's not gonna happen .

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    Hey everyone!

    My boss is now back from vacation. He didn't say anything to me yesterday, but did send everyone else in the office an email this morning announcing my resignation and asking if anyone knows of anyone who might be interested in the position. He has already advertised it on Craigslist and a couple other free local classified sites. He has literally said two words to me all day "Good morning", but that's about normal for him lol.

    Itís amazing how much better I feel now that it is out in the open!

    I had a networking meeting this morning with the proprietors of a local web design/marketing company. They have read my work online and were really excited to meet with me. They have offered me a commission and finderís fee if I can help get them more business. I would also be responsible for the online content. I told them I would email them some links to businesses that do not have web sites, or need their sites updated, and I had it to them within an hour of our meeting. I also plugged them on my Facebook and LinkedIn statuses, as well as on my blog, for which they thanked me.

    They are going to get together a media kit next week so I can start contacting these businesses. One of the owners has added me to her personal Facebook page. I am trying to figure out the best way to Ė now Iím going to be completely honest Ė worm my way into working for them. They just moved here about a year ago, so they are a young company and still donít know a whole lot of people. Business is going very well, but they have plenty of room and the resources to expand. They love the fact that I was born and raised here b/c I know a ton of people that could use their services. I lack web design experience, although I am looking into certificate programs at the community college to fix that. I know they want to bring me on board, but itís not going to be as immediate as I was hoping.

    Any thoughts?

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