"The entrepreneur builds an enterprise, the technician builds a job."

- Michael Gerber


A spotlight comprised of social enterprises, disruptive start-ups, and forward-thinking companies.

Entrepreneurial Highlights

Kitu Life, Inc

Kitu Super Coffee.jfif

We first discovered Kitu Life, Inc's "Super Coffee" in a New York City deli, conveniently located a football field away from the office. Little did we know it would turn into a daily part of our lives. 

The company was founded by Jordan Decicco, the youngest of three brother who are now all actively running the company. When Jordan was attending Philadelphia University as a Student-Athlete, he grew tired of unhealthy bottled coffees and energy drinks, and figured there must be a better recipe. 

Jordan drove his dorm room operation to making an appearance on Shark Tank with his brothers, Jake & Jimmy, and the company hasn't looked back since. 

Although the brothers didn't strike a deal during their Shark Tank appearance, the company currently employs 100+ people. Their 2018 revenue was roughly $5 million, a figure which has grown to more than $30 million annually!

We initially were intrigued by Super Coffee because of it's protein content and high caffeine content, but the overall health benefits span far beyond and the company is constantly staying ahead of the curve with new product lines.