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Ep. 911 - 10 "Happy Habits" Successful People Do Differently

This is one of my favorite episodes from Lewis Howes, and contributed to the motivation behind starting this website. Howes typically has guests on the show, but this is a solo episode about becoming well-rounded and focusing on habits contributing directly to happiness. 

From identifying a vision and long-term goals, to maintaining healthy relationships and being helpful to your surrounding community; Lewis Howes lays out the framework to a happy and ultimately fulfilling lifestyle. ​

Episode Table of Contents - "Happy Habits"

  1. Have a vision and life-fulfilling goals (1:45)

  2. Create healthy relationships with boundaries (4:16)

  3. Express gratitude and appreciation (7:02)

  4. Have a positive attitude when things go bad (9:10)

  5. Volunteer your time, give back, mentor, and help others (11:24)

  6. Work out and be healthy with nutrition and mental health (13:12)

  7. Take responsibility for your actions, thoughts, and life (14:16)

  8. Don't take things personally (15:56)

  9. Learn to cope with tragedy and let go of regret, anger, and resentment (17:48)

  10. Do things that make you happy and eliminate things that don't make you happy (21:32)